GRAY DOG DELI  is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Our food is what we are about, we change our menu often. We specialize in traditional,  country, old family-style recipes, using high quality ingredients. Everything we serve is fresh, natural, delicious, and, wherever possible, organic and  locally  sourced.  

 My husband Ted and I have taken great pleasure in renovating what was formerly known as the Gundry Gray building.

 It was my dream to live in Wisconsin, and Ted graciously agreed to come on board with everything that dream entailed! 

 The two of us love this town for many reasons: the wonderfully preserved 18th and 19th Century architecture, its history, the friendliness of the  residents, and the fact that people live here because they really want to.

 We purchased the Gundry Gray building in December of 2010, and knew we wanted to be involved in food and hospitality. 

 Rather than superimposing our plans on the building, we allowed the space to dictate itself to us. The consequent renovation happened with a  huge  amount of support and physical labor from our friends and family.

 In June of 2013, we enhanced the building by adding  "23​ Steps Inn" - a beautifully restored B&B.  (Check out www.23StepsInn.com). 

 The guest rooms are right in the heart of the historic district, putting you in walking distance to most of the galleries and shops in Mineral Point. 

 Every Friday night, the GRAY DOG WINE BAR features live music by wonderfully talented musicians from the Driftless Region, and indeed,  all over  the country. 

 We delight in living in this historic building, It acts as a perfect antidote to the pressures, hustle and bustle of the modern world. There is a                    strong and comforting sense of the past that wraps itself cozily around us.

 The original zinc dog perched above the store remains one of Mineral Point’s treasured landmarks. Joseph Gundry and John Gray were both from      Cornwall, and it was a British custom to help identify stores by using statues of animals, in much the same way that cigar stores were once                  identified  by wooden Indians. 
Weighing 450lbs, the dog depicts a French Blood Hound, and was manufactured by J.W. Fistke Iron Works in New    York. 

 The pointing hound, and the name, Mineral Point, seem to have gone hand in hand to create the high school mascot and the name, Pointers.

 Ted & I welcome you to GRAY DOG DELI. Enjoy.


 Lynnea Lauffer


 OPEN: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 9am - 4pm
 BANDS START @ 7.30pm. WE CLOSE @ 11pm.
 SATURDAY: 8am - 4pm.

 Venue hire/function room are available outside of regular opening hours by booking in advance. Phone: 608 987 4000